ABC Pregnancy Care Center; serving families with love

by Erica Boone and Hannah Proffitt

ABC Pregnancy Care Center celebrates 22 years of serving Garden City and the surrounding area.  In recent years ABC has faced many valleys, from two of the four staff facing major health concerns, to wondering if the doors would close due to lack of funds, to operating without an Executive Director for nearly two years.  Through it all God provided peace, guidance and renewed life.

ABC has rebooted, reexamining everything from the Board of Directors to the services we provide.  “It’s almost like we started completely over,” says Hannah Proffitt, Office Manager. “But the changes have given new life and a renewed energy.”  Not only has the inner workings of the center changed, the building has changed as well with the latest project being the Boutique. 

Earlier this year, the center was blessed with a new sonogram machine from the Knights of Columbus and Daughters of Isabella.  Our recent fundraising banquet raised more than $40,000 in one night.  The Board and Staff feel as though they’ve seen the Lord at work in this place and it is exciting to be a part of.

What exactly does ABC Pregnancy Care Center do you might ask?  The name may lead you to believe the center only helps pregnant women.  That is true but there is so much more to it than that.  Opponents of pregnancy centers would have you believe we only care about the baby and a pregnant mom’s immediate needs.  When Erica Boone accepted the position of Executive Director this past September, she summed it up beautifully.             

“When I accepted the position as Executive Director of ABC Pregnancy Care Center and shared with others about my coming job change, I was met with tilted heads, raised eyebrows and questions. The tilted heads and raised eyebrows came because of the stark difference in work going from nursing home care to pre-born care.

The question I heard most frequently was “What do they do there?” I’m curious, how would you answer that question? Of course I explained that we do free pregnancy tests and talk with pregnant moms about their options and provide assistance for them in various ways. While that’s all very true, my answer today would be different. The transforming power of the gospel is at the root of the services we provide. We share hope and help, not just through a pregnancy test, diapers and classes, but by sharing the love of Christ with the women and men who come to the center. We want to share the gospel with our clients and see their lives transformed by the power of Christ as much as we want them to choose life for their babies. We aren't just pro-life, we are pro-abundant-life.”

ABC offers a variety of services, all of which are completely free and confidential:

Most new clients come to ABC in need of a pregnancy test.  Of course, home tests are common, but at ABC clients are given an opportunity to talk with someone about how they are feeling about their pregnancy and be counseled on their options and offered resources and classes to help prepare them for parenthood.  Clients who feel overwhelmed or unsure about having a baby, are offered classes and resources to equip them in making life-affirming decisions.  Some clients come in need of a pregnancy verification card to get started with pre-natal care.  ABC is able to provide this important documentation and connect clients with medical providers to care for them during their pregnancy.

ABC also offers classes for pregnancy and parenting classes.  Bridges Director, Genessa West says “Bridges offers weekly encouragement through Gods’ word, and support in a group setting. During class we discuss pregnancy issues like health and nutrition, fetal and infant development, and newborn care. We also cover life skills topics such as budgeting, interviewing for a job and the importance of marriage. Currently there are 8-10 in attendance each week.”

In addition to Bridges, ABC offers one-on-one classes that can be tailored to a client’s needs, stage of pregnancy and parenting up to age 9.  Both class options offer clients the opportunity to earn “baby bucks” that can be spent exclusively in the ABC Boutique. 

  ABC also provides sonograms by appointment only.  Clients who meet the center’s criteria are offered a free limited sonogram and anyone can earn a free “fun” sonogram by participating in classes.  ABC has a well-stocked “Free Center” that anyone can take from, no classes or baby bucks needed, and newborn emergency kits available upon request. 

ABC Pregnancy Care Center has recently allotted Thursday night to start a group study of the abortion recovery program, “Forgiven and Set Free”. This study helps women with abortion in their past to find forgiveness and healing through biblical teaching. Anyone interested in learning more can confidentially email

Over the years ABC has been able to help more than 5,500 men and women.  Here are a few comments about their experiences with the center:

"When I came to ABC for the first time, I found help right away. I felt comfortable and I'm glad I came."

"My life would be different if I didn't have the help and support of ABC because I wouldn't know that there are a number of girls in the same shoes as me. Without ABC I would probably feel alone."

"The idea of a Christian support group for pregnant women really intrigued me, a place where I wouldn't be judged sounded fantastic!"

"I learned a lot about how to be a good parent and how to try to redirect my life. I was able to get stuff for my son that I could not afford on my own."

"ABC has helped me with parenthood education, childcare and being a good father and provider for my family."

"Knowing that if I have any questions or concerns, I have a great resource. It was a great opportunity that I'm very grateful for."

For additional information, contact ABC Pregnancy Care Center today. All services are completely FREE. The center does not profit from the decision you make. 

Many Christian’s identify as pro-life, but struggle with how to put their conviction into action other than voting for pro-life candidates.  By financially supporting or volunteering at a pregnancy resource center like ABC, you can help women and men make life-affirming pregnancy decisions.  Executive Director, Erica Boone says, “most women and men considering abortion don’t need to be convinced that their unborn baby is human life, they need to know that it’s possible to carry their child to term and that they have the support to make that decision, that’s where we come in.”  

ABC Pregnancy Care Center has a variety of opportunities to be involved in their ministry from financial giving and volunteerism, to serving as church liaison.  “We have different types of volunteer opportunities based on your schedule, strengths and interests.  Volunteers who’d like to work directly with clients are provided with the training and resources they need, while other clients help with center upkeep such as data entry and donation management. We always appreciate knowing that we have dedicated prayer warriors lifting the center and our clients up in prayer. There is really something for everyone who wants to get involved,” says Erica Boone.

ABC communicates to local churches through church liaisons.  Liaisons are offered a list if ministry ideas to support ABC Pregnancy Care Center through churches.  If your church does not have a liaison, contact the center for more information.

One way to support the ministry is by donating new baby items.  All items pregnancy and baby related up to age two are welcome.  Next time you are out shopping consider picking up an extra item for the Boutique.  Specifically, the center could use clothing 18-24 months, women’s socks, infant and toddler medicine, infant grooming kits, sippy cups, cribs, play yards and car seats.

For more information, or to sign up to receive “Care Link,” the ABC newsletter, call the center or email

You can reach us at ABC Pregnancy Care Center, 509 N. 6th St, Garden City, KS 67846



Phone: 620-275-1777, 620-275-8482 Spanish

Business hours: Monday - Thursday: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM