Linda Fergerson publishes her second book:

‘A Royal Family; The Lion and the Butterfly’

Linda continues her transformational journey in A Royal Family which is set in the Church in First Century Jerusalem. The life of her central figure, Jerusha continues to come alive in a Story of Redemption and Restoration as God Fulfills Promises as He Still Does Today

From the warmth of her faith-filled smile you would not guess that author Linda Fergerson has known not only the dark secrets of being an abuse victim suffering in silence, but also the heartbreak of empty arms longing for children.

But Linda also knows first-hand that God can heal, and can establish families, even as he also restored her life and joy. Yet who would think that part of her healing – would be to write?

Linda weaves elements of her own story into her The Lion and the Butterfly Series, novels painstakingly researched and set in first century Jerusalem. Her second book, A Royal Family continues the story of a young Jewish woman as she seeks to establish a family, amid the tensions and pain of the first century Christians facing Roman persecution. She brings to life their faith and martyrdom, as well as the practical aftermath, as children are left orphaned and many people are driven from their homes.

Her first book, A Royal Dance, offered a glimpse of life in the tumultuous and exciting days when some Jews were starting to believe a young rabbi from Nazareth was the promised Messiah. Linda introduces the character of Jerusha, a young Jewish woman who bears a secret that breaks her heart and threatens to break her spirit, even as she holds onto her father’s promise that she is royalty from the tribe of Judah and will one day dance before the King.

A Royal Family picks up the timeline where the first book ends. It deals with the Jewish/Gentile conflicts which split families as well as the conflicts between the Jewish leaders, zealots and the Romans caused by their hatred for Christians.  The entire society was being torn apart from every direction.

Through her visit to Israel and her research of First Century Jerusalem, Linda provides the readers with a very real view of the brutality of life for Christians in the First Century Jerusalem.

Linda describes the whole series “as my spiritual journey” as God is making something beautiful out of negative experiences.  Just as she did in the first book, “A Royal Family” contains many elements from her own life. She experienced  abuse as a young girl, then many years later in her marriage faced years of infertility. Eventually she and her husband adopted three sons as part of God’s plan for her life.

She admits to being surprised by God’s use of writing in granting her healing. In her own life, when she turned to God, and knew he loved her, had redeemed her and set her free, her joy bubbled over into dance and ministry to others.

Yet she knew the healing wasn’t complete. The bite of the enemy still held some poison she didn’t want to admit still festered. She says she resisted the instructions from God until they became so insistent she gave in – and began writing her first novel.

“I fought God on this for so long, couldn’t imagine I could write a novel, couldn’t see this was the path He had for me,” Fergerson says candidly.  Finally I began writing out of obedience to God, and it was in the writing that I began to know I was being healed.” Her greatest concern was that readers would not accept her use of a fiction novel as the tool for spiritual messages. Linda prays before starting every chapter that God will speak through her and that she will accomplish His wishes. With every chapter, she learns more about His truths in life.

It was divine encounters during a ministry trip to Israel when God showed Linda Fergerson the path she was to follow in ministry – and as a writer.

She not only didn’t expect to write novels, she didn’t know at first that God would use writing as part of the healing He provided for the hurts in her own life, and allow her to powerfully minister to other women who also have experienced abuse, including sexual abuse.

But she knows Him well enough not to be surprised by what and who He uses, as she ministers and tells stories that, as she puts it, “help God’s sons and daughters experience the depths of the Father’s love and fulfill the words He spoke over them before they were born.”

Although Fergerson began writing much earlier in her life, she traces what has become her writing ministry as a novelist to part of the changes in her life after a series of encounters with God while in Israel ministering with Warring Dove International.

While in Israel, after visiting a Jewish orphanage in Shiloh, she had a divine encounter with God at the site of the old tabernacle. It forever marked her heart with the Father’s desire to see His children free to fulfill the words He spoke over them before they were born.

Then, after dipping three times in the Jordan River during her baptismshe felt a new sense of oneness with Yeshua. A display of God’s power in a small earthquake while she worshiped in a boat on the Sea of Galilee in a storm awakened a deep knowing within that this earth belonged to Him. In Jerusalem He assured her that He walked with her everywhere and delighted in her expression of love to Him in dance. While visiting the orphans at Shiloh, a divine covering fell over her head and shoulders that forever marked her heart with the Father’s desire to see His children free to be who He created them to be.

She returned from that experience and in obedience began to pursue her speaking ministry and to develop her writing career.

She is also active with other ministry groups and writers organizations. She previously served as Vice President of Woman’s Aglow in Dodge City, Kansas, held “A Night with the King” meetings for women, and founded His Writers, an intercessory writers group.  She has a passion for unity in Christ’s body and attends both First Southern Baptist Church and The Gathering, a nondenominational church.

The Kansas native lives in Dodge City with her husband and three adopted sons. She holds a bachelor’s degree in speech pathology from Kansas State University and continues pursuing her calling as a writer.

Fergerson is also a speaker and has been awed by the women who tell her how powerfully the stories she tells – her own as well as those in her books - have been used by God to help them heal of the hurt in their own lives.

Today, in testimony to God’s healing in her life, Fergerson speaks, dances and ministers to other women in her home state of Kansas as well as around the world, such as in Israel and Russia.

For more information about Linda and her writing and speaking ministry, visit or email her at or phone 620-255-6161.

A Royal Family: The Lion and the Butterfly Series, Book Two [ISBN: 978-1-946889-28-7] and A Royal Dance: The Lion and the Butterfly Series, Book One [ISBN: 978-1-946889-21-8] are both from Carpenter’s Son Publishing, and available at The Christian Bookstore in Dodge City and online retailers. The next book in the series, A Royal Father: The Lion and the Butterfly Series, Book Three [ISBN: 978-1-946889-86-7], is anticipated in 2019.