Stop The Killing with

“Common Sense” Laws


by Stan Wilson

I grew up hunting rabbits and quail in my home in West Texas. I treasure these wonderful memories which I have of the time that I spent with my father driving the oil-patch roads on Sunday afternoons.

No, I am not in favor of GUN CONTROL as defined by the liberals of this nation, but we MUST do something to stop the mass murders which are plaguing our nation.

Our greatest challenge will be to REQUIRE that our legislators take a COMMON SENSE approach to this issue. The Liberals and the Conservatives in Washington MUST come together for this issue.

This legislation also MUST stand up to the liberal Judicial system which has developed during the last 50-or-so years.

It won’t be easy because we have so many wonderful freedoms in this “land of the free”. And it’s these freedoms which allow the “mentally ill” to purchase weapons for mass murder.

We also MUST NOT allow weapons which were designed for “military use” to be purchased just like the 410 shotgun or 22 rifle or 30-06 deer rifle that your father bought for you. Do you really need an automatic rifle which carries clips of 10-15 or even more cartridges? If I remember correctly, shotguns used to be limited to 3 shells. Why can’t something like this apply to weapons today.

I realize that one of the first steps of dictatorial governments is to take guns away from the population so that they can’t protect themselves from the government. We must have COMMON SENSE legislation which does not take us down that slippery path.

We also must allow our law enforcement agencies the freedom to investigate tips before it’s
“too late.” These agencies have so many limitations that they are afraid to investigate tips in fear that they will be violating one’s individual rights. I shiver when I realize that the FBI failed to follow up on credible reports that the Florida shooter had bragged that he was a “professional school shooter.”

America is the greatest nation which has ever existed and God has blessed us greatly. Surely we can unite our leaders to STOP this terrible trend of mass murder in our schools, churches and public events. Contact your legislators and DEMAND that they take a COMMON SENSE approach to this issue which is plaguing our wonderful nation.